Concrete Sealing & Epoxy Services

Concrete Sealing Services for Salt Lake City, Provo, Sandy, UT, and Beyond

Concrete is porous, much like a sponge, and it’s exposed to a range of contaminants, such as freezing temperatures, precipitation, and road salt. Concrete absorbs these contaminants, causing it to crack and chip.

This is exactly why joint sealing is a very important finishing touch to any Utah project. As joints crack due to shrinkage, dirt and rocks can work their way in, causing spalling when the concrete expands. Joint sealing also prevents water from getting under the slab, which can cause heaving in the winter, washing away of the subbase, and settling. Sealing joints also makes the slab easier to clean. At Greene Concrete Cutting, we’re no stranger to the severe cold weather in Salt Lake City. We understand the conditions we face have been known to crack concrete that has not had joints properly finished. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, our team can perform the necessary concrete sealing you require to protect your flooring year-round. Connect with us today to learn more about our work or to schedule a concrete epoxy coating service!

What is Concrete Epoxy Coating?

Epoxy is a two-part mixture consisting of resin and hardener. When it is applied over concrete, the two surfaces form a chemical bond and create a hard plastic. It cures quickly and withstands extreme temperatures, foot and machine traffic, oil, chemicals, and other fluids for years without corroding or peeling. Epoxy flooring is perfect for many markets that see heavy foot traffic and machine use, including food processing companies, industrial properties, educational facilities, and manufacturing sites. Because concrete epoxy flooring is poured, there are no seams, ridges, or joints that you see in other types of flooring. It’s attractive, eco-friendly, easy to clean and stain-resistant, making it the perfect choice for any property.

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Inside, epoxy floor coatings beautify and protect floors. In garages, coatings improve visibility and prevent oils and grease from penetrating the concrete, making cleaning the floor a breeze. Parking lots and garages can also be coated, protecting from acids, oils, and salts that can destroy the steel reinforcement. Concrete coatings can also be used to make an area non-skid or to increase traction. Epoxy coatings come in any color you wish, adding style to its functionality.

In addition to our concrete sealing services, we also offer concrete slab sawing and wire sawing capabilities for highways, airports, municipal streets, parking lots, bridge structures, concrete spall and patch repairs, and waterproofing. Greene Concrete Cutting has provided asphalt cutting and concrete sealing to clients throughout Utah, including the communities of Salt Lake City, Layton, Logan, Ogden, Park City, Provo, Sandy, Woods Cross, UT, and the surrounding areas on projects such as widening I-15 and repairing the University of Utah “U.”