Professional Concrete Cutting & Drilling Services in Sandy, UT

All across Utah, you can find concrete that is in need of repair and concrete cutting is often needed to repair this damaged concrete. Fortunately, Greene Concrete Cutting is ready to help Sandy, UT citizens enjoy a strong infrastructure in their local community. If you are looking for reliable concrete cutting, explore the range of services offered by Greene Concrete Cutting, including:

  • Asphalt sawing
  • Core drilling
  • Curb sawing
  • Cured surface sawing
  • Deep cutting
  • Flat sawing
  • Green saw cutting
  • Slab sawing
  • Wall sawing
  • Wire sawing

The Importance of Concrete Cutting in Sandy, UT

Concrete cutting is a controlled process that removes or modifies concrete. Concrete is much thicker and stronger than many other materials in construction, and, therefore, it requires a special process when you need to cut into it. Concrete cutting is a hard task that not just anyone can do. Hiring professionals for concrete cutting services is essential to a successful driveway project. Concrete cutting services are also essential to commercial properties that want to install concrete flooring. The concrete must be cut to the exact dimensions of the store. Contact Greene Concrete Cutting today for concrete cutting services in Sandy, UT.

A History of Quality

Concrete is used for artistic purposes. Everything from residential homes and city construction projects to retail locations need concrete cutting services. Some of our past projects include:

  • The Elephant Exhibit at the Hogle Zoo
  • The hillside “U” for the University of Utah
  • The I-215 highway

No matter what kind of project you need, Greene Concrete Cutting has the experience to bring it to fruition. Our talented team of technicians is eager to serve you.

Contact Information

Do you need concrete cutting services for an upcoming project in Sandy, UT? Come to Greene Concrete Cutting today. You can call us at 801-571-3300 and we’ll be happy to answer your questions or provide an estimate for your project.